MSL Debriefing Calls -- Schedule Yours Now! - Updated link coming soon!

Your study is implemented, the data is collected, and now you have your reports and analytic dataset -- so what now???

While some of you have the experience and skills to dig right in and make use of the tools we provide, we understand that not everyone comes to the MSL from that same place. This is why we recommend all participating schools to join the research team in a debriefing call.

The call will be your opportunity to hear from the research team about their thoughts about your data/report. But also, it will be an opportunity to work with a real example of how to use the report.

If you need basic assistance, the call will be basic. If you are more advanced, you can certainly dig in deeper. This is your hour to connect directly with the research team around your report(s).

Click here to schedule your debriefing call. - Updated link coming soon!

Scott D. Crawford