Step 8: Supplemental Report Contents

Beyond the Standard Report, which is included in the MSL Participation Fee, schools will have the option to purchase additional supplemental reports.  

Please become familiar with the report ordering deadlines - missing the deadlines may result in not receiving your preferences for the report contents.

Supplemental reports come in two forms - based on the two different module structures from the Standard Report. These include:

  • Supplemental Benchmark Report ($250/report) - A Supplemental Benchmark Report includes Module 2 and Module 3 from the Standard Report, and provides schools with the ability to add five (5) comparison columns. School random sample data will come standard in this report and will serve as the basis for all statistical comparisons made. Schools must select five (5) Standard Columns, Custom Peer Groups, or Custom Comparison Groups as columns to include. If fewer than five groups are selected, the MSL research team will identify and select added columns to include.

  • Supplemental Outcome Report (extra cost of $250/report) - A Supplemental Outcomes Report includes Module 4 from the Standard Report, but with the data filtered by criteria that the school requests, using sample data or survey data. Generally, the groups are defined from within a sub-sample of students who are at the school (i.e. a comparison group), however, it is possible to define a Supplemental Outcome Report to include responses from other institutions. If responses from other institutions are included, a minimum of three schools must be involved to protect the confidentiality of any individual school. In Supplemental Outcome Reports (as in Module 4 from the Standard Report), there will be no cross-group comparisons. Comparing groups will require ordering multiple Supplemental Outcome Reports.

Scott D. Crawford