Step 1: Participate in Kick-off Call

Kick-off Call

The Kick-off call is a telephone conference call introduction to your School Coordinator and the support that SoundRocket makes available to you as you prepare to participate in the MSL. During this call, the Study Coordinator will walk you through the process of participating in the MSL and detail the resources that are available to you.

What you need to know:

  • Plan for an hour-long conference call.

  • The primary school contact (identified in the enrollment process) and any other key support people must attend.

  • You can set your launch date during this call.

  • A few days prior to the call, you will receive an email with further information and an agenda.

Once your school is fully enrolled in the study, you will receive an invitation to schedule your Kick-off call.

We recommend that you schedule your Kick-off call as soon as possible. Kick-off calls must be completed within 30 days of your enrollment in the MSL.

Download a copy of the Kick-off call slides.

Marketing the MSL

Marketing the MSL to your students before the survey invitations are sent can raise awareness about the study on your campus and help increase response rates. To help your school publicize the MSL broadly to all students, we have created the following resources:

·       _READ THIS FIRST_MSL Info.docx

·       PowerPoint Slides for Use in Presentations or as Flyers

o   MSL Marketing Powerpoint Slide.pptx

o   MSL Marketing Powerpoint Slide (Text Only).pptx

·       Letter/Flyer/Other Communication Language

o   MSL Marketing Paragraph.docx

o   MSL Marketing Letter or Email.docx

o   MSL Marketing Flyer.docx

o   MSL Marketing Flyer (Text Only).docx

·       MSL Logo (Vector File)

o   MSL Logo Stacked.psd

Please consider these as examples that can be adapted to meet your specific needs.  Because these are not individually targeted communications, they may not require IRB approval; however, please check your local IRB regulations before use. 

ID Link

One of the most critical decisions to make in preparation to participate in the MSL is the decision regarding whether to declare as a Standard Data School or an ID Link Approved School. This decision impacts various aspects of how you prepare for the MSL.

Standard Data School

A Standard Data school will receive a data set that is stripped of any variables that could be used to uniquely identify respondents, or to link survey data with other institutional data. If your school has participated in previous MSL years and would like the same level of confidentiality and protection for your students that you have received in the past, the choice is simple: Standard Data School.

ID Link Approved School

You will see this icon throughout the MSL School Guide website. It highlights special information for ID Link Approved Schools.

You will see this icon throughout the MSL School Guide website. It highlights special information for ID Link Approved Schools.

An ID Link Approved school will receive a data set that allows the ability to link your MSL survey data with institutional data. This data set will include one unique identifier as provided by your school when you submit your sample file (see below for a graphic illustrating this concept). In order for your school to receive linkable data, you must obtain special approval from your IRB.

Schools that do not follow the required protocol to be approved as an ID Link Approved school will be considered a Standard Data school. SoundRocket and Principal Investigator John Dugan reserve the right to decline ID Link Approved School status.

If you choose the ID Link Approved school option, please be aware that you will be required to obtain IRB approval from your institution’s IRB, and that your IRB may refuse to provide approval for such a link. If your IRB refuses to approve linking your sample, your school will be changed to a Standard Data school; however, such a change may require a schedule delay if it is made within the four weeks leading up to your launch date.

Making Your Decision

You must inform your MSL Study Coordinator of your choice – Standard or ID Link – before proceeding with the preparation process and before beginning your IRB application. It is strongly suggested that this decision be made prior to your Kick-off Call. If no decision is made within two weeks of your kick-off call, your school will be designated as a Standard Data school and this cannot be changed after that date.

Data Collection Launch Date Selection

The MSL offers rolling data collection launch dates. This means that you may select your own launch date provided that it adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Launch dates are scheduled Monday through Thursday. To help ensure the success of your data collection, the MSL does not offer launch dates on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

  • Data collection will span approximately four full weeks.

  • If possible, avoid overlapping the MSL data collection period with your school’s mid-term breaks, holidays, significant campus events, or other large survey administrations. If an overlap is unavoidable, please contact the MSL School Coordinator if you would like assistance in selecting a launch date in consideration of the overlap.

  • A limited number of schools are allowed to launch per day. Selecting your launch date early will help ensure you are able to launch on your preferred date. Launch dates are filled on a first-come first-serve basis.

Prior to your kick-off call, consider your ideal launch dates. During your kick-off call, the MSL Study Coordinator will tell you if your preferred launch date is available, if so, that date will be scheduled. If your first-choice launch date is not available, the MSL Study Coordinator will help you select another appropriate date. The launch date will determine data collection contact dates, as well as some of the other MSL preparation deadlines. 

Please download this worksheet as a tool to help determine the optimal data collection launch date for your school.

If no data collection launch date is selected within seven (7) days after your Kick-Off Call, your School Coordinator will set a launch date for you.

Launch dates may be modified to occur earlier or later than originally scheduled if circumstances allow. Please note that any change to a launch date must fit within the limited allowable spaces available on open launch dates. In addition, a change fee may be applied in some cases.

If you would like to inquire about moving your launch date, please contact the MSL School Coordinator by email at or by phone at 734-527-2180.

MSL Schedule

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MSL Resources

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