Short MSL Study Description

The MSL is an international research program focused on understanding the influences of higher education in shaping socially responsible leadership capacity and other leadership related outcomes (e.g., efficacy, cognitive skills, resiliency). The study is led by Principal Investigator John Dugan, PhD and receives oversight from the Loyola University Chicago IRB.

Schools participate in the MSL by providing a simple random sample of 4,000 undergraduate students, including their names and email addresses. Additional demographics are also requested to allow for nonresponse bias assessment; however, this is not required. Schools are given the opportunity to survey additional students, to add up to 10 custom questions to the survey, and to add other similar features.

The MSL is administered online by SoundRocket (SR), an independent research organization with specific expertise in multi-campus studies. All data are collected using empirically proven standards for web-based survey research.

The secure and encrypted data collection extends from January through the end of April, 2018. Each institution selects a three-week window that best fits their unique academic calendar. Students are invited to participate via personalized emails sent by SR. Each correspondence outlines the study, addresses issues of confidentiality and consent, and supplies a link to the secure survey instrument. Students may receive up to four total contacts after the initial invitation if they have not already completed the survey.

After data collection is complete, each participating school will receive a summary report of the study findings. Individuals will not be identified within the summary report. Standard Data Schools will also receive a case (respondent) level data set in SPSS® format that has been stripped of identifiers. The data file will only include responders who were enrolled at the participating school and who consented to the study.

Scott D. Crawford