The MSL reports information in a national normative data set, with comparisons to data derived from your institution in some cases. You may publish data for your school in any manner you wish, including in scholarly articles and in presentations at conferences, as long as the published information does not include individual participant identifiers. National data may be used for comparison purposes only and may not be presented in tables. The MSL Research Team reserves the exclusive right to present and report national data sets in articles and other settings unless permission is specifically granted otherwise.

The MSL Research Team will use the national data set to address their research questions. National data will not be available to other researchers for two years. To pursue an original academic inquiry using national MSL data, please contact the MSL Research Team.

All uses of the MSL report data must attribute the source of that data to the MSL, using an attribution statement substantially similar to the following:

“Data used in this article were collected as part of the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership 2018. For further information regarding that study, please visit”

In order to be in compliance with your study agreement, we further ask that you provide the MSL Research Team with a copy of any publication/presentation that uses MSL data, with sufficient time for the MSL Research Team to review and identify inaccuracies in interpretation or other issues in how the data were used.